This morning was hard to getting up and leave New Orleans but the time is running it is only one more week then I’m back in Germany. After I had a couple Pancakes at the Hostel I did my way from 8 hr drive to Memphis. After my shower I went Downtown to the Hard Rock Cafe to get my T-Shirt but on the way I found out that there is also an live band playing so I went there right away. It was a Band who played Country songs it was pretty awesome and after that I went to get my shirt.

On the next day I went to Graceland and did the tour. First started on the Mansion and so all the rooms from the Bed room to the Kitchen and Recording room. Also so the Ranch and his big hall with all his Golden Records. After that I went to the Car Museum from him and on the end to his air planes they are name after his daughter. After all this did my to St Louise to stay for a night by Darius and bring all his camping stuff back.

New Orleans

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This morning I did my way to New Orleans to the awesome Hostel where I stayed. It is so cool to all the time when you come into a different State that the landscape is changing for example in Texas I had  Mountains and allot of sand and in Louisiana they build the Highways on water and everywhere where you look you see water. At the Hostel I met a couple English Guys and I went with them than out to all the local bars where they play all Jazz it was pretty awesome.

On the next morning I went on my own to see the French Quarter from San Antonio. I walked first to the River Walk and from there to the St. Louis Cathedral, Moon Walk and on the end to the French Market where I had than a fresh Tropical Smoothie this was right thing for hot day like that. For Lunch  I went to Bubba Gump Restaurant and had delicious Shrimps. After all that Sightseeing I went back to the Hostel to met up with the other people. First we played a little bit football 3 English Guys vs 1 Dutch, 1 Swedish and 1 German Guy. It was a nice Game. After every one got a shower and change we went out to see the nightlife in the Bourbon St. but on the end we ended up in the Frenchmen St again where the Local Bars are.

San Antonio

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After I got up with all the other trucker driver I started to drive again to San Antonio. On the way I had breakfast by IHOP where was right by the next exit. After the 6 hr drive I got to San Antonio and checked in into the Hotel where I stayed for the night and took a shower to get fresh again. Then I got a call from Alex that they also are in San Antonio and we met us than on the Alamo and walked then together the River walk had dinner and had a nice night.


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Last Night we went to the Hard Rock Cafe to buy me another T-Shirt and also had dinner there. After that we went to our Hotel again. On the next day I brought Lukas to the airport to catch his flied to Hawaii. After that I went to the Camelback to go hiking. It was 8 o’clock in the morning and it had all ready 35°C degree. I hiked over all the Top’s from the Camelback. On the Top off the third one I chilled a little bit and I loved the beautiful view from there. After I run down again I did my way to San Antonio it is a 14 hr drive.

I drove throw New Mexico and it was beautiful to see how the landscape got changed  by the drive. After about 8 hr I stopped by an Rest Area to sleep. Now where I have room again in my car is this not a big deal.

After we brought Darius to the Airport and had a nice Breakfast we started to start the drive to the Grand Canyon. On the half way we went over the Hoover Dam where we made a short stop to look down on the Hoover Dam but really only short it had 54 Celsius degree. We arrived Grand Canyon Village at the afternoon and put our tent up and our neighbors where also Germans from Lübeck there also on them Road Trip.

On the next Day we went in the National Park from the Grand Canyon and went the Bright Angel Trail down it was an beautiful hike about 5 hr but also really HOT. I had to drink the whole way 5 L water. After the walk we had a nice meal on the top right on the cliff where you can see in to the Grand Canyon. After all that driving around the National Park we did our way to Phoenix.

Las Vegas

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This morning waking up on the beach and went to my Buddy who is living now at the Lake Elisnore and had a great Breakfast together.

After we hanged out a little bit and than we had to leave again for Las Vegas it is about an 4 hour drive. So good bye my best American Buddy and beautiful California and Hello Las Vegas. After we checked in we took right away a shower it had about 45 Celsius degree. After the sun went down we started our Las Vegas night. I showed my Buddy’s the whole strip started at Luxor over Bellagio, Paris, Cesar to Treasure Island. We saw the Bellagio Water Show and gambled a little bit and made the night unforgettable.

Over my colleague we had the change to stay by her daughter for a night right by the beach. We where  the whole day on the Beach played football or dived in the waves from the Pacific Ocean. On the evening we met then Catie after she got out off work and we invited her for nice diner as a Thank that we could stay by her for a night and we had a nice evening with her and the dinner was delicious.

Los Angeles

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This next 3 Days we stayed in the City of Angels and looked for Stars. First Day we watched the Final first and than we walked on the Hollywood Blvd where we saw all the Stars on the Sidewalk and looked for Stars where we the Name know. In the afternoon we met a couple Backpackers in our Hostel and nice evening with them we played Guitar and had nice conversation.

On the next Day we went on a tour to Beverly Hills. The Tour Guide was nice Guy who told us from the beginning we have to act all as architecture students so we have to possibility to come in some Villas and we got the chance to see Snoop Dogs Villa and also from Eric Small the Yoga Guru where before Frank Senatra lived. After the tour we went with a couple English Girls to the Playboy Mansion and tried to come in. Than for some shopping we went down to Rodeo Drive.

On the evening we went with a couple Guys with a Limo around Hollywood to a Bar and a Club. Was a awesome night we ride the bull in the Bar and in the Club was also a fantastic with all the backpackers from different countrys.

Last Day in Los Angeles we went up to the Hollywood Sign to make a couple nice Picture from the sign and also from the view on Los Angeles. After the Tour we went the other way down the Hollywood Blvd and saw the World Premiere from the Movie Inception and bought right away a couple Cinema Tickets that was also on my bucket list to watch a Movie in Hollywood and it was awesome. On the end we and the night in a club on the roof where we also had a great view over LA.

Big Sur

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Today we started our way to Los Angeles on the Pacific Highway. It is a nice road right on the ocean with nice cliffs and nice beaches where you can see all the people surfing. It is a slow drive but I think it was the most beautiful drive. By the sun set we had our Ravioli on a Parking lot the food was not the best but with the best view. On the last mile before we rest we saw on the side from the Freeway by Santa Maria a Drag Race and we went right to it.

San Francisco

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We arrived about 3 o’clock in the morning where we first locked for a parking lot for the car. After that we got some food and than we stayed the whole night in the lobby until we could check in at 11 am. On this day we went then down to the Piers and walked around. At night we went to a Hookah bar where we met some German they where the day before in LA so we chatted with them a little bit.

On the next day we went first to the public viewing from the football game where we lost. After that we went over the Golden Gate Bridge to the Redwood National Park where we hiked and so the nice nature and walked up in to the fog on the top off the mountains. Then we went down to the bay from Sausalito where I had a delicious fish dinner. At night we met the other guys from the program and went as a group in a club and had a nice night there.

On the last day we did our big sightseeing tour in “The City”. We started first with the Fisherman’s Wharf where we did a nice boats tour under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz after that I had a delicious crab sandwich on the Fisherman’s Pier. After that we waited one hour for the cable car where we went up to the Russian Street and walked from there on home to do some laundry in the time where the machine was running we played a little bit billiard with some other guys from the hostel.

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