Jun 23 2010

the month past- the year is over

WOW, I am really impressed how fast the year past by.

Today is my birthday and that makes it a really special day- 22 on the 22sd.
Like you see my Blog was death for the last couple of month. Not that there was nothing to write there was a lot…. it was just hard to figure out where to start and how to contine. Somehow it made more sense to spend the time with the people here. The people who became the center of my life.

I guess this is what it is all about- the success of living and working in another country is primarily embossed by the people we meet and the people we spend time with.

I had a really different day compared with how i would celebrate at home.
Still, now the kiddows are running through the house, excited and thrilled… and even if the feeling is different i feel ok and happy.

The most amazing thing is though that my facebook account is not ending massages from all over the world.
People who mean the world to me called, texted and posted there greetings.Family, old friends, new friends… and a whole bunch of people i havn`t seen in forever.
This is the wonderful thing at a birthday, people who you never expect contact you to show that at some point in your life your ways crossed and they think about you.

In a week i leave chicago.-Heading to Seattle and down the west cost
I am sure I will miss John, Melissa and the Kiddos, who became a big part of my life, terribly. But I also know that I can`t wait to see my family and friends, who showed me especially today how special they are to me.

Thank YOU so much!

Mar 5 2010

leb deine traeume


Feb 20 2010

yesterday at work

one of the crawling little monsters is learning to walk- so he fell, and fell, and fell….

my colleque entered the room- he fell- she helped him up and said:

“this is life- you are trying to walk, you fall, and try to stand up again, and sometimes you need a little help.”

She sat him back on the floor where he reached for something to push himself up again-the circle of life.

Feb 16 2010

kentucky`s fried chicken in kentucky

….the great adventure started friday after work….
For a small moments i felt the doubts that kurt would make it all the way to kentucky and back- but as you choose your friends you choose you are (or it chooses you) and it will hopefully never leave you alone. (at least as long as i am here)

So, friday i jumped in kurt to meet my friend Carola who lives (dear jan please read exactly)  near Cincinetti in Kentucky.
We made a long winter wonder walk and i hope to update this with a few pictures.
Unfortunatly, I had to hit the road on Sunday already- because they announced a blizzard for Monday… but it was a nice and silent weekened.

Hope to do it again soon!

Feb 15 2010

Flight details

07-26- 2010 Washington DC- meet and greet with all the others…

07-28-2010 15.20 Washinton -> Frankfurt

Arrival Frankfurt 5.20 am

07-29-2010 9.20 am Frankfurt ->Stuttgart

Arrival Stuttgart 10.33 am

…164 days more to go…

Feb 11 2010

…visits and other highlights…

Caro is passing Chicago and Hannah is coming to Chicago too.

pieces of home….  🙂

Feb 11 2010

just a thought

It is just wednesday and i ask myself how to get up tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Thursday that means CHild care. Tuesday and Thursday Child care- Mo, We, Fr Iguana….
Uff… i can tell that i want to learn something and never have to work at two places again.

The thing is working makes you tired, beeing tired makes you crancy….
and then it happens that you just ask yourself- why exactly do I need this experience again… ????(-nice question-)

Feb 9 2010


Feb 6 2010

The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.

Henry Boye

Feb 6 2010

what happens in life…?

Today is a lazy Saturday and i decided to update my blog that people know a little more about “my great get away”…

I guess the biggest suprise ever was that there are acutally people who are really reading the suff I write…unfortunatly, it is always work and i am already to much into the daily life to have the time…
or to rephrase that maybe i don` t want to lose the time by beeing here.

When I look back it feels like yesterday that i left Germany to see another part of the world. The daily life with John, Melissa, and the Kiddows is routine and sometimes I feel already to used to it….

The College Semester was an experience, I improved not just my english-
But it also brought be back to german privileges, like education for everybody.Education in america is really expensive.
I met people who came for “the american dream”, after 7 years still driving a cab.The reality is that life is expensive- everywhere in the world but especially in america. All medical things are expensive…and almost impossible to pay. The emergency hall is always full of people without insurance because this is the place where they have to be treaded…..

If i look out the window chicago is still white…. we had a blizzard yesterday.

Chicago is one of the most fascinating cities I have ever been. I like the busyness and the athmosphere. I like the people and the skyscrapers….
Still, part of discovering Chicago was the realization that i am more a village person. I like to be near a big city… but I miss the german forrests and fields… the small lakes…maybe it is just Gonzo i miss… 🙂

‘The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes, but having new eyes.”
Marcel Proust

Traveling, discovering, getting lost- finding yourself.
Every jorney is a jorney to yourself and either you like beeing lost, and finding yourself new or you discover that it is absolutly nothing for you.
I thing i like beeing lost, and it is definitly the part of my life where I wanted to be lost- but when i think about my future- I am thinking about opportunities and challenges- I am thinking about what to do with me….
Every now and again I opend the pages from different possibilities to study and every now and again I find something what I might like… The truth is we
never know where our life will lead us…we should always do what we feel like doing right in this moment- and if we want something else in 10 years who says this is impossible…?

After the semester finished and I gathered with some of the germans we always ended up by talking about the “past” in america. Realizing that half of the way is over is a wired feeling, and you ask yourself if you used the time right….and you reflect what happend- it feels like a eternity. It feels like beeing over… even if you know the interesting part is just ahead of you….

I guess the next few month are busy with working earning money for the big jorney in july. We want down the west-coast…and you know money makes it easier…

Send you greetings and warm thoughts…